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While you should never spray insecticide while people, pets or food are present, the solutions used in our mosquito misting systems are highly diluted and very low in toxicity. We use permethrin and pyrethrum based products that can be found in many over the counter products like flea and tick product, pet shampoos and even lice shampoos. We also offer an all-natural product that can be used in the misting system.

The system only mists 3 times a day for about 45 seconds, typically at dawn, dusk and then again late night when mosquitoes are present and active, but beneficial insects are not.

This depends on the size of the yard and how many nozzles have been installed around the area. An average size 30 nozzle systems, misting the recommended 3 times a day will go 50-60 days before needing to be refilled.

Pynamite misting systems don’t require a lot of maintenance, but you will get clogged nozzles from time to time due to particulates in the water supply. Winterizing and Spring Start Up need to be performed every year. Loco Mosquito has this covered for you! We will perform long term maintenance for any mosquito system, even if we didn’t install it.

No reputable company should ever make the claim that they can stop a disease carrying mosquito, however these systems will kill mosquitoes that are in the general area of the mist. Whether it is a Zika carrying mosquito or not, mosquitoes will be killed. The best means of attack against a Zika carrying mosquito is to limit one’s exposure to mosquitoes.

The typical install only takes a couple hours. We will first meet with you for a no obligation quote. We will share exactly what we are going to install and how much it will cost. If you are agreeable, we will schedule the installation. You do not need to be home for the installation. Once we have the system installed we will go over the system with you so you are comfortable with its operation.

We install the Pynamite system because it is the best, most innovative, user friendly system on the market. From its unique features like the small Cube shaped tank to being able to add a solar panel to run the system, Pynamite has thought of it all. The folks at Pynamite have been manufacturing mosquito misting system for over 15 years. You know you are getting quality with a Pynamite system.


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